Interface Summary
ActivationList.Filter An interface used by the filter and find methods to determine if an Activation is acceptable or not.
Diagram A Diagram represents some form of sequence diagram that can be written to a file.
Formatter A Formatter can create a Diagram from a program trace, represented by an ActivationList.

Class Summary
Activation An Activation represents one method call, or in other words, one stack frame.
ActivationList An ActivationList holds a number of Activation instances, representing a number of method calls.
ClassExclusionFilter A Filter that only accepts Activations with method names that do not match a given exclude pattern.
ConstructorFilter A Filter that accepts all methods, except constructors that are either synthetic (automatically created by the compiler), or are calls to super.
EventThread An EventThred traces the execution of a Java process, keeping track of all method calls as Activations in an ActivationList containing all root activations, that is, all method calls that occur "magically" from outside the traced methods, for example from the main method.
FormatterRegistry A singleton that holds all Formatters known to the system.
MethodFilter A Filter that accepts only methods with a given fully qualified name.
MockObject A MockObject is an immutable class representing one life-line in a sequence diagram.
MockObjectMap A MockObjectMap is a mapping from names to MockObjects, with utility methods to make it easy to translate from Activations to MockObjects, with automatic handling of column numbers.
TextDiagram A TextDiagram that can be fully defined by a string, for example using XML.

Exception Summary
FormatException A FormatException signals that a Formatter failed to create a diagram.

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