Class ArgoUMLDiagram

  extended by
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public class ArgoUMLDiagram
extends java.lang.Object
implements Diagram

An ArgoUMLDiagram is a Diagram that can be used to generate sequence diagrams in .zargo format, readable by the tool ArgoUML.

The current version has only been verified to work with version 0.12 of ArgoUML, and it is a known problem that it does not work with version 0.24 (SourceForge issue 2046485).

Constructor Summary
ArgoUMLDiagram(org.w3c.dom.Document argo, ru.novosoft.uml.model_management.MModel model, java.util.List<SequenceDiagram> diagrams)
          Creates a new ArgoUMLDiagram.
Method Summary
 void save( file)
          Writes this ArgoUMLDiagram to file in .zargo format, that is, as a zipped set of XML model files.
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Constructor Detail


public ArgoUMLDiagram(org.w3c.dom.Document argo,
                      ru.novosoft.uml.model_management.MModel model,
                      java.util.List<SequenceDiagram> diagrams)
Creates a new ArgoUMLDiagram.

argo - an XML Document defining the contents of this file
model - an MModel representation of an XMI document defining the parts of this UML model
diagrams - a list of SequenceDiagrams, one per root activation
Method Detail


public void save( file)
Writes this ArgoUMLDiagram to file in .zargo format, that is, as a zipped set of XML model files.

Specified by:
save in interface Diagram
file - the File to write to
Throws: - if the diagram could not be saved

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