This document contains short instructions for configuring your system so that you can use JSeq. It is assumed that you have already downloaded JSeq from Edge Software . In order to generate sequence diagrams for ArgoUML, you must also have nsuml.jar available on your system. You get this file when you download ArgoUML.


  1. Extract JSeq from the compressed download archive.
  2. Set the environment variable JSEQ_HOME to the name of the directory where you extracted JSeq.
  3. To make it easier to use JSeq from the command line, you can set your path to include JSEQ_HOME/bin.
  4. If you want to generate ArgoUML diagrams, you must make sure that JSeq can find nsuml.jar. To do this, either copy the file to JSEQ_HOME/lib, or set your CLASSPATH to include it.

    To verify your installation, and to get acquainted with JSeq, please work through the tutorial .